How We Work

Urban to rural, environments on both sides of a threshold, Vanessa Gardner Nagel serves what works for you.

Consultations allow us to learn about your home/site, hear about your dreams so we can suggest ideas that help you, and then discuss practical aspects like cost, codes, and construction. A consultation is led by what YOU need. (See more below.)

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“It is a scientific fact that the occasional contemplation of natural scenes… increases the subsequent capacity for happiness and the means of securing that happiness.”

—Frederick Law Olmstead, Landscape Designer

“Home is not just a place, it’s a feeling. It’s where we find our center, our comfort, and our true selves.” 

—Candice Olson

How Can We Serve You?

If you move forward with a project, ask us about the process. It varies depending on your project. Virtual meetings allow you to plan your garden escapes or interior oasis even if you’re in Timbuktu. How exciting (and convenient) is that?

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What do you need?

SPACE USE: Get organized, reduce clutter, and maximize use of space!

SITE REVIEW: Drainage, irrigation, and slopes.

UNIFY SPACES: Improve flow, define transitions, create focal points, select & place art, and more.

LIGHT IT UP!: See what you need to see…with panache!

BE COLORFUL!: Just white is for eye-glaring ski slopes. We’ll help you find YOUR colorful self.

MAINTAINABLE MATERIALS: Push the ‘easy button’ with low maintenance materials.

IMPROVE LIVABILITY: Select furnishings that make sense and are unified inside to out.

Consultation Options

Request our questionnaire to help you organize your thoughts in advance. See consultation options below. We respond to your questions and share ideas. You may record the meeting in the manner you wish.


Why online? Shorter meeting – minimum one hour. Address a specific issue. Save money. One-hour increments for $130/hour (lower than normal rates because – no driving!).

We send you a link to pay for our hour on Zoom in advance via PayPal. Wear your slippers and be comfortable!


Why onsite? Sometimes (often) you just need to be there. A sample layout is shown here to give you an idea of what 2 hours focused on layout might accomplish.

Seasons Garden Design by Vanessa Gardner Nagel

Minimum $350 for 2-hour consultations. (more for sites beyond 20 miles.) Payable upon completion of the consultation.

What happens AFTER the consultation?

LETTER OF AGREEMENT: We will prepare a proposal that will state the parameters of the project, the services we will provide, and the deliverables that will help you implement your project.

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What People Are Saying

“Vanessa will transform your yard into an amazing garden”

Vanessa Nagel is living her passion. It is easy to see her passion for her work in everything she does. Her creativity combined with her ability to simplify defines her work. As a Landscape Contractor we enjoy collaborating with Vanessa on projects. Many large estate gardens we install over a period of years. Both of us love plants and enjoy clients’ joy in experiencing the unusual. Vanessa will transform your yard into an amazing garden.
—Donna Burdick, Landscape Contractor

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“…strong artistic capabilities…”

“Her innovative solutions to space planning problems, strong artistic capabilities and diplomatic demeanor make her an asset to any team”
–Joyce Catalfamo, Director of Corporate Real Estate, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Companies, Novato, CA

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“A gardener’s paradise”

My husband and I built a house recently and the builder left us with a muddy mess of a “yard.” The HOA required us to have our front yard landscape completed in 6 months or less, and I started to panic. I have no clue about gardening! I just knew I wanted it to be beautiful, low-maintenance, and no lawn. A friend referred me to Vanessa, and in our very first meeting over a cup of coffee, I knew I could trust her 110%. She lights up the room with her super cheery attitude and is a fantastic listener. Vanessa doesn’t impose her artistic vision on you; she grasps all your wants and needs.

Vanessa is the entire package, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am (over and over and over again!) to have her help. From the actual plans to advice and resources, there just is NO way I could have completed this project without her. The end results of my front yard are incredible. We have people drive by and tell us how much they appreciate our garden. They always comment on its beauty, a real “gardener’s paradise,” but they have no idea how easy the plants are that Vanessa chose! And I LOVE the fact that my yard is a million times better than all of the “basic” landscaper designs (sod and a few boring plants) that my neighbors have. Our front yard is practically a work of art!

Vanessa is now collaborating with us on our backyard, and again, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that it’s going to be a truly magnificent place to spend our time. Without hesitation, I recommend Vanessa!
—Shannon Pratuch, Washougal, WA

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