Garden Chirps

Musings of a garden designer: tips and inspiration

That Overwhelming Feeling of Spring Cleanup

Last month I wrote about cutting back. I am now in the middle of that process with most of the grasses and some of the ferns removed from the middle of paths, having chopped some into mulch for various beds. I continue to watch the Icarus-inspired piles of twigs and branches reach higher every day, however.

Gardens as Solace and Refuge

Our stroll garden is an inspiring place for a walking meditation. Most gardeners have an emotional attachment to their gardens. I certainly do. And who of us has not used their garden, during a difficult time, as a place to think-or maybe not think and make all...

It’s Time to Cut Back

My cutting back period is typically Valentine’s Day to St. Patrick’s Day and this week I chose to cut back lavender, my bird topiary, and a bunch of grasses, so I can prepare for planting. Before lavender is cut back Lavender is one of those evergreen woody...
Found: Missing Blogger

Found: Missing Blogger

Found in Scotland at the Outlander Lallybrock site. September 2018. It has been years since I have written a blog post. I stopped when I was discouraged by my software computer issues and I was too busy with work. So I never quite got back to it. I spent the time I...

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Opening My Garden

Belonging to a gardening group such as the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon offers an opportunity to share your garden with other members. Each year the HPSO committee creates a booklet containing a list of gardeners willing to open and share their gardens from late...

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My Arms Look Like Hoses

About this time of the summer, as wave after wave of heat descends on the Pacific Northwest, I find I spend an inordinate amount of time at the end of a hose. So much so that I begin to feel that in lieu of arms, I have hoses. This year has been worse than most...

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BEING Outdoors

Create spaces to sit, lie down, dine, play, workout, and even take a shower in your yard. Create a garden that entices you to be outside…even in the winter…to investigate what’s new and pique your curiosity

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Philadelphia Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show (grand Poobah of American flower shows) is the first show I've attended where floral exhibition was integrated into the landscape rather than segregated as a separate area. This year's theme, 'ARTiculture', found designs inspired by a...

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